Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Stanford Global Innovation Tournament in Malaysia

As we march closer and closer to the Global Entrepreneurship Week, our various partners are taking the initiative to organize and lead programs and events that spark the entrepreneurial fire in the young. One such organization is Alpha Catalyst - our Innovation Catalyst for GEW09.

Alpha Catalyst is the lead driver for the Stanford Global Innovation Tournament in Malaysia. They are not only organizing the competition here for the Global challenge, they are also stirring a great deal of hype and interest by unleashing a Malaysian problem prior to the announcement of the Global challenge.

These gives 2 chances for winners to participate and win . Truly Taking the Loca, Global !

Please visit their site : to see what they are doing.

Alpha Catalyst has managed to line up an impressive list of sponsors to support the challenge. They are an Innovation company and they have truly used their own tool to make the challenge happen in a big way in Malaysia.

Congrats to Azim and his team for pulling the challenge off !

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