Saturday, September 5, 2009

Alpha Catalyst - Our Catalyst for Innovation !

Azim and his lovely wife, Dr Suraya are both great friends of ours and supporters of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

This soft-spoken couple are an inspiration not just to the GEW team at Warisan Global but also to me. I have never come out of a discussion with them without being inspired to look at things with "new eyes" ! They can nudge one to think and see things in new and innovative ways - all in their vintage non-threatening and pleasant manner.

Azim and Suraya run Alpha Catalyst Consulting - a boutique Innovation Consulting firm, based in KL, established since 2000.

For GEW 2009, Azim and Suraya will be co-hosting the Stanford's Global Innovation Tournament (GIT).

Their plans for GEW 2009 and what they did for GEW 2008 will be on the website soon.

We have invited Alpha Catalyst to be the Innovation Catalyst for GEW.

Catalysts are partners who are able to exert a wider impact on the entrepreneurial community - they organize activities and do more than just organizing one activity as per the definition of a partner.

The Catalyst category is introduced in Malaysia to acknowledge partners who have contributed a great deal to GEW 2008 and are able to influence a wider audience in 2009.

I am pleased to have this dynamic duo on board.

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