Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meeting SWEPA

This entry is one week overdue lah.....but better late than never !

FINALLY ! I met SWEPA : the Sabah Women Entrepreneurs and Professional Association.

From left : Johan Amilin, Emily (WG), Hanaa Wong Abdullah (Deputy President of SWEPA) and Ursula, SWEPA.

I was in Sabah last week for a client event. I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet SWEPA - and my team made it possible and we met at the Borneo Paradise Resort Hotel.

Thanks to Johan for being kind enough to bring those lovely ladies over.

SWEPA was one of the biggest supporters of GEW last year under the then President Ms Dolly Jimayol. They not only delivered impressive activities but also drummed up immense media awareness for the week.

This year the President of SWEPA is Dato' Adeline Leong. Hanna is the Deputy President.

We met for slightly over an our and I must admit these women have passion and they want to ensure entrepreneurship thrives in Sabah and no one is left out. They want to MAKE THEIR MARK.

The SWEPA ladies promised to discuss and revert with a plan for the week. I am sure they will blow us away !

Thanks to Hanna, Ursula and last ut not least Johan to drop by to pay me a visit.


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