Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For Fresh Updates - Refer to My Tweet

Dear Friends and Partners,

Amazing things are happening in Malaysia for GEW2009 ! I have been super busy with my team working and supporting partners put together an amazing array of activities and events to rock GEW 2009.

In fact our activities began from the day we launched GEW2009 on 21/2009 ! That event - a colorful one was sponsored by the British High Commission and the UK Trade and Investment.

Many activities has taken place since then.

I think the time has come now for me to give you an day by day quick update on all the things that are taking shape.

Follow me on my personal tweet : http://twitter.com/DashInsights for fresh updates and other thoughts I may have from time to time.

Thank you - will see you all here for one more summary of all the events before we move in completely to the tweet. It will also save you time - to just get the top of the line updates.


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NaS said...

Happy Tweeting Dash!