Saturday, September 5, 2009

Meeting Jude.

Met an interesting young man last evening - Jude Jiunn Yoong Chia is his name (pic)

Actually Jude and I have been trying to meet for sometime now and only yesterday we finally managed to sit down to chat. I am glad I met this very smart and passionate guy, who came with another equally capable and passionate lady by the name of Yen.

This is how Jude introduced himself via email to me:

"I'm still a business analyst/ researcher on project basis in Malaysia. I also author globalization reports for Global Voices Online at Harvard's Berkman Center. Recently selected in Twitter's Top 100 opinion leaders in social entrepreneurship by Social Edge, Skoll foundation. Currently initiate long-term pursuit to set up social enterprise, still in early stages of fieldwork in urban slums, Malaysia with objectives to identify globally scalable & replicable social mission."

We spent about an hour talking about what we do and I found Jude to be a keen proponent of Social Entrepreneurship - seeking out real opportunities to work in urban slums. He tells me he is currently doing some work in Sentul.

"We aspire to find a way to take what we do global", he says looking straight into my eyes.

I am keen to follow this man's progress and have invited him to participate in GEW in any which way he can ignite a few with his passion.

We await his proposal which he promised to send soon.

Another day spent meeting good people.

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